Author name: Radio-Choreography

paf, 28.05.2022

Radio-Choreography: Season Finale Episode, Into Thin Air, Performing Arts Festival Berlin, 28.05.2022   Broadcasting the entire collection of radio-choreogrphies from the Media Library for Dance and Theater, live on Special guests: Nora Amin, Rike Flämig, Christine Henniger.

episode 4, 02.04.2022

Radio-Choreography: Episode 4. For The Time Being, Vienna, 02.04,2022 Performing at Tanzquartier Wien, broadcasting live on ORANGE 94.0, Public Listening Event at Tonspur Passage, Micro Sound Museum at MQ. Special guest Eva Maria Schaller.

Radio interview 28.03.2022

Andere Stimmen hören, Felicitas Braun im Gespräch mit Netta Weiser, Radio ORANGE 94.0, 28.03.2022 Netta Weiser spricht über ihre „Radio Choreographies“. Die 4. Episode ihres Projekts wird im Tanzquartier Wien stattfinden und gleichzeitig in der Tonpassage im MQ und auf Radio Orange 94.0 zu hören sein.

workshop, 26.03.2022

Choreographies of Listening, intensive workshop at Tanzquartier Wien, 26.03.2022  This workshop explores the somatic, performative, and political implications of collective listening. How can the act of listening become a performative mode? How can the transitions between looking at and listening to affect our ecologies of attention and being in the world?

em4, 17.11.2021

Radio-Choreography at EM4 – sample&hold concert, Akademie der Künste, 17.11.2021 During April and May 2021 Weiser was an artist in residence at the Studio for Electroacoustic Music of the AdK, together with two other fellows, this concerts present the results of the fellowship.

medici, 04.11.2021

The Chair Dance / chamber version at Villa Medici Rome, Note Bianca 04.11.2021  Netta Weiser and Marta Gentilucci perform a special live adaptation of the Chair Dance, with a historical chair from the Villa!!

episode 3, 02.12.2021

Radio-Choreography: episode 3. Haunting the Archive, Cologne, 03.12.2021. Performing at the Dance Museum of the Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln, broadcasting live on, Public Listening Event at GOLD+BETON Gallery.

Episode 2, 09.10.2021

Radio-Choreography: episode 2. Closer Than it Seems, Tel-Aviv, 09.10.2021 The opening performance of the Diver Festival for Contemporary Dance!   Performing at The Beit Ariela Dance Archive, broadcasting live on Radio HALAS, Public Listening Event at The Israeli Center for Digital Art.

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