Author name: Radio-Choreography


Radio-Choreography: Acts of Transmission, 21.06-01.09. 2024, Badischer Kunsverein  Performative Sound Exhibition


Radio (non-)Conference#2_Athens! June 1st 2024 Broadcasting from Onassis AiR Athens, live on Stegi.Radio and


Radio-Choreography: Voices from the Verge, August 26. 2023. a special episode for Voice Over#2, a performative gathering at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin, curated by Maayan Sheleff.


Radio-Choreogrphies at RADIOPHRENIA, August 22. 2023. a temporary art radio station broadcasting from the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow.


Discussing Radio-Choreography: Passaging with Katrin Hauk listen to Katrins Klangschiene Special broadcasts on May 28th at 5 pm & June 2nd at 9 pm, Radio Orange 94.0.


TONSPUR C: Radio-Choreography: Passaging, Multichannel Sound Installation at the TONSPUR_passage | Micro Museum for Sound at the MQ  Vienna, 26 May—26 Aug 2023. in cooperation with Tanzquartier Wien.


Radio-Choreographies on WDR! Saturday, April 29. 2023. You may listen at 23:00 CET on the WDR 3 frequencies across North Rhine Westphalia online.


Radio-Choreography Lecture Performance, Saturday, April 29. 2023, at the ZZT / Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. as part of the RELAY Symposium – Thinking Artistic Material in Music and Dance.

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